Filderman Group Returned in Bucharest Kehillah Elections
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Filderman Group Returned in Bucharest Kehillah Elections

The elections to the Bucharest kehillah (Jewish community) passed quietly, with only one list of candidates running, that headed by Dr. William Filderman and Eli Berkowitz. The newly-elected kehillah executive was installed at a celebration attended by government representatives.

The only other party in the running was a political cooperative group that withdrew at the last moment. All other Jewish political groups did not participate in the elections because they felt that as long as the government had not confirmed the kehillah’s constitution the executive of the last kehillah should have directed the election.

The municipal elections also caused a split in the Jewish population of the larger towns, because a united independent Jewish ticket as well as the pact with the government party failed. The Bucharest Zionists presented their own ticket without considering the other Jewish parties, while in Czernowitz, too, there was a split, with Senator Meyer Ebner joining with the Nationalists. So far as is known only the Jewish community of Kishinev put up a united Jewish ticket.

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