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Arab Executive Officials Charged with Giving Documents to Police

Omar Saleh, one of the three secretaries of the Arab Executive, founder of the independence party aiming at the abolition of the Mandate, and organizer of the so-called defence league to promote a political and economic boycott against the Jews, is now undergoing a severe examination at the hands of a disclinary tribunal specally constituted by the Arab Executive, according to the Arab paper Al Hayat.

It is alleged that he divulged to the police the proclamation calling for a general strike on August 23, the first anniversary of the riots. For being the author of the proclamation, Subhi Khadra, manager of the Arab Executive’s office, has been exiled to Safed for one year and sentenced to pay security to keep public order. It is also understood that Moghanem, the Christian secretary of the Arab Executive, is also being charged with smuggling secret documents of the Arab Executive.