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Winston Churchill Joins Other Conservatives in Protesting New British Policy in Palestine

Winston Churchill, colonial minister of England when the first White Paper on Palestine was issued in 1922, and chancellor of the exchequer in the last Conservative government, today joined his Conservative colleagues, Stanley Baldwin, Leopold Amery and Austen Chamberlain, in condemning the new British policy in Palestine. He declared himself fully in accord with their pronouncement against the government policy.

A letter giving in some detail the reasons for his opposition to the new Palestine policy is to be published in the London Times on Monday. Meanwhile it is understood that Churchill is indignant that Lord Passfield, colonial minister, used Churchill’s name in connection with the government’s statement. Churchill maintains that there is no connection between his 1922 White Paper and that issued by Lord Passfield.

In 1922 the British government issued the Churchill White Paper offering Palestine a legislative council which was rejected by the Arabs. In the latest government statement Lord Passfield says the government has decided “to set up a legislative council along the lines of the Churchill White Paper of 1922.”