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Says Only Needed Funds Should Be Sent to Palestine Until Britain Withdraws Policy

A recommendation not to send more money to Palestine than necessary, but to continue at the same time the collection of money for a large Jewish fund to be utilized “when the British government gives the Jewish people the right and fair means to use such funds for their national service,” is made today in the Jewish World, London Anglo-Jewish weekly.

“Collect extra moneys by all means, but bank it until the British government withdraws its present policy,” states the leading article in the Jewish World. The paper attacks the new British policy in Palestine.

Urging that the growing volume of protest against the British government should be stopped, the paper recommends that instead of the present protests the criticism of the British policy should be translated into practical use during the forthcoming parliamentary elections. “The government’s unpopularity can cause its political undoing and bring it speedily to its senses which were left far behind when it formulated the pro-Arab and anti-Jewish policy for Palestine,” states the Jewish World.