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Swedish King Bestows Nobel Prize on Karl Landsteiner

Prof. Karl Landsteiner, Jewish medical man from the United States, received two Nobel prizes yesterday from King Gustave of Sweden for the year 1930. Landsteiner received the prizes for accomplishments in the fields of physiology and medicine. During the ceremony Rector Hedren highly praised Prof. Landsteiner’s work, declaring that his blood-test discoveries have saved thousands of human lives.

Local newspapers, while mentioning the fact that during the presentation of the prizes Swedish students waved the national flags of Austria, recall the fact that Landsteiner, who was born in Austria, was persecuted in his own country because he was a Jew. They also mention the fact that Landsteiner was not admitted into German universities because he refused to be baptized into Christianity. Prof. Landsteiner had to endure continual hardships in Europe until he was invited by the Rockefeller Institute in the United States, where he could conduct his scientific researches undisturbed.