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Palestine Arabs Praise Nathan Straus: Wish All Jews Were Humanitarians Like This Great Man “felestin

We wish all Jews were humanitarians like this great man in American Jewry, who dedicated a large part of his fortune to philanthropy, distributing it without distinction of race, the Arab organ “Felestin” writes to-day in a statement mourning the death of Nathan Straus. The paper recalls the prompt manner in which Nathan Straus, immediately the news of the Palestine earthquake of 1927 arrived in America, cabled over a large sum of money to help the victims irrespective whether they were Arabs or Jews.

The Palestine Arab Press had praise for the late Nathan Straus during his life-time, too. As far back as 1922, the Arab papers were expressing appreciation of his gifts to specifically Arab institutions in Palestine, and in 1924, when he was on a visit to Palestine, they joined in a chorus of praise for his benefactions. “Lissan el Arab” published an editorial speaking in grateful terms of what he had done for the Arab people of Palestine, and the “Neraat el Sherk” suggested that the Arab leaders should try to meet him and explain to him the situation in the country.