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Greatest Mistake Was Made when Cuza Was Appointed Professor at Jassy Thirty Years Ago Says M. Socor?

The greatest mistake made by a Roumanian Government was when Cuza was 30 years ago appointed Professor at Jassy, whence he has been incessantly infecting the school youth with his poisonous ideas, resulting in attacks upon people who have protested against these false ideas of nationalism, M. Socor, the editor of the “Adeverul”, whose attempted assassination by the Cuzist student Dumitrescu, brought about the recent suppression of the antisemitio terrorist organisations, the Archangel Michael and the Iron Guard, and the arrest of their leaders Codreanu, Totu, Danila, and others, declared at a gathering given by his friends yesterday to celebrate his escape.

I shall continue, M. Socor declared, to fight for liberty and truth and the rights of all people against the obscurantism and fanaticism of the antisemites.