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Search for Arms in Palestine: Hadassah Hospital in Safed and Schoolhouse in Mizrachi Colony Searched

There is a great deal of indignation among Palestine Jews to-day over the news that a search for arms in which nothing whatever has been found, has been carried out by the police in the Hadassah Hospital in Safed (whose medical officer, Dr. Isaao Mamaan, was one of the victims of the Safed massacre of August 1929) and in the school house of the Mizrachi colony Hittin, near Tiberisas.

At the same time a search was carried out by Mr. Riggs, of the Chief Detective Bureau, at the home of Selim Bey Abdul Rahman, of Tulkarem, an extremist member of the Palestine Arab Executive, who served a six months’ sentence after the August riots. Mr. Riggs was looking for seditious literature, and closely questioned Abdul Rahman concerning an alleged secret meeting at his home. A large quantity of papers was seized.