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Three Years for Attempted Murder: Sentence Passed on Roumanian Antisemitic Student Terrorist Dumitre

Constant in Dumitrescu, the Galatz student who made an attempt some months back on the life of M. Socor, the editor of the Bucharest Liberal daily, “Adeverul”, was sentenced to-day to three years imprisonment.

The Public Prosecutor, M. Stoenescu, vigorously opposed a plea which was submitted on behalf of Dumitrescu that he should be dealt with leniently because of his youth. The Court deliberated an hour before returning the verdict.

Dumitrescu revealed during the trial that he had been arrested last July as one of those incriminated in the Borsha fire but had been acquitted after two months, no proof of his complicity having been discovered. He had a grudge against the “Adeverul”, he told the Court, because it was conducting an anti-Nationalist campaign against the leaders of the patriotic organisations, calling upon the Government to take repressive measures against his friends and himself, because of their propaganda, by which they were trying to do good to the peasants and release them from Jewish oppression. For that reason he had decided to kill Secor, whom he regarded as a traitor to Roumania’s national cause.