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Macdonald and Henderson Questioned in Berlin on Attitude of British Government Towards Jewish Proble

Three questions with regard to the attitude of the British Government to the Jewish problem in Palestine were submitted to Mr. Ramsay MacDonald and Mr. Arthur Henderson during a press Conference arranged here by the British Prime Minister for representatives of the American press in Germany.

The questions were formulated by the Jewish foreign correspondents in Germany and were submitted to Mr. Henderson in writing. These questions were: (1) What can the Jews in Palestine expect of the new Development Plan which is now being carried out in Palestine?; (2) How is the fact to be explained that the new High Commissioner of Palestine was appointed without consultation with the Jewish Agency; does this fact indicate a new trend in British policy in the problem of creating a national home in Palestine? (3) What is the attitude of the British Government towards the last Zionist Congress and its resolutions?

Mr. MacDonald replied that he is not in a position to give any answer to these three questions, because his present visit to Berlin is devoted to general European problems. The Palestine question, he said, is a colonial problem, which has nothing to do with the present visit of the British Delegation to Germany.