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Young Communist Activity in Poland Throws Suspicion on Young Zionists into Whose Clubs They Smuggle

The Young Communists in Poland have become very active in the last few days with the approach of International Communist Youth Day, which occurs on September 6th., and in the course of their propaganda they have been smuggling illegal Communist literature into various Young Zionist Clubs, thus casting suspicion upon their members, and a considerable number of Young Zionists have consequently been arrested in various places, because of the misunderstanding created, by which they are unjustly charged with being Communists. At Sosnowice 26 Young Zionists have been arrested, because a Communist flag was found flying at the entrance of the Club of the Zionist Youth Organisation “Gordonia”, although they disclaim all knowledge of how it came there. In the township of Zarki, the entire administration of the local Jewish Cultural League has been arrested, because some illegal Communist proclamations have been found on the premises.