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Recognition for Yiddish Language in International Postal Traffic?: Application May Be Made to Intern

The Yiddish Scientific Institute in Vilna recently wrote to the International Postal Union in Berne asking whether Yiddish could be included in its list of languages recognised for purposes of international postal communication. The Postal Union replied that it could consider the application only if it came from a Government. The Yiddish Scientific Institute thereupon approached the Yiddish Cultural Council in Esthonia, which is officially recognised by the Esthonian Government under the provisions of the law granting cultural autonomy to the minorities living in the country, suggesting that the Council should ask the Esthonian Government, as the only Government in the world in whose country the Yiddish language has an official status, that it should take the initiative in this matter.

The Esthonian Government, it is learned here, is inclined to take up the matter.

Bearing on the same question, it is stated that the Esthonian Government has a project under consideration at present to make Yiddish one of the languages which may be used in internal telegraphic communication.