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New Settlement Plans to Speed Up Development of Jewish Autonomous Region in Siberia: More Jews to Be

4,000 Jewish transmigrant families and 3,000 individual migrants are to be settled in Bureya during 1932, is the decision just adopted by the special commission appointed for the purpose of drawing up plans for developing Jewish migration to Bureya, under the provisions of the recent order of the All-Soviet Central Executive Committee, that a Jewish territorial autonomous unit is to be established in Bureya by the end of 1933.

The Comzet (Government Commission for Jewish Settlement) has already presented the plan to the supreme Government institutions for approval.

1,650 families and 2,000 individuals, it is estimated, will be settled in collective farms, and the rest in Soviet farms and various enterprises. Under the plan, 1,750 families and 1,000 individuals are to be recruited during the year in the Ukraine, 500 families and 450 individuals in White Russia, 300 families and 400 individuals in Russia, and 250 families and 150 individuals in Siberia.

The plan also provides for bringing in 1,200 families and 1,000 individuals from abroad.

The State is allocating funds for Jewish migration to Bureya during the coming year amounting, it is stated, to over 20 million roubles.