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Warsaw Jewish Community Has No Right to Discuss Paragraph 20 of Jewish Communities Law: Snub Adminis

Mr. Eli Mazur, the President of the Warsaw Jewish Community, announced at to-day’s meeting of the Administration of the Community that he has received a letter from the Warsaw Government Commissioner, drawing his attention to Article 3 of the Ordinance regulating the affairs of the Jewish Communities, which defines the competence of the Communities and prohibits them from discussing matters outside their competence. What right had the Warsaw Jewish Community Administration, the letter asks, to place on its agenda the question of “protesting against paragraph 20 of the Jewish Communities Law,” and what right had the community to convoke a Conference of Jewish Communities to discuss the question of paragraph 20?

Mr. Mazur stated that in view of the letter, he would not put the question of paragraph 20 again on the agenda.

Mr. Finkelstein complained that the letter meant that they might as well stop holding meetings. Mr. Ellenberg supported him, contending that if their rights were cut down in such a way that they must not even discuss matters appertaining to the proper administration of the Jewish Community, there was an end of all Jewish self-administration.

On the proposal of the Agudist representatives it was decided to adjourn the matter and discuss it at a special meeting called for the purpose.