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Two Years’ Imprisonment for Helldorf Demanded by Public Prosecutor at Close of Appeal Hearing

Two years’ imprisonment for Count Helldorf for his part in the attack mad on Jews in the Kurfuerstendamm last Rosh Hashanah was demanded by the Public Prosecutor to-day in his address to the Court, lasting over eight hours, when the hearing was concluded of Count Helldorf’s appeal against the sentence of six months’ imprisonment passed on him by the lower court at the first trial in November. (At the first trial, the Public Prosecutor demanded three years for Helldorf and 2 1/2 years for his chief assistants, Ernst, his chief-of-staff and Brandt, the leader of the Young Steelhelm Brigade in Berlin).

For Ernst and Brandt the Public Prosecutor demanded to-day 18 months’ imprisonment. (At the first trial they were both sentenced to six months, like Helldorf himself).

In the case of all the other accused the Public Prosecutor demanded the same sentences passed on them at the first trial. (In the case of the other participants in the excesses who were put on trial in September immediately after the outbreak, the sentences were – 12 to 1 year, 8 to 15 months, 2 to 17 months, 1 to 21 months, and 4 to 9 months.)