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Salonica Trial Surprise: Public Prosecutor of Minimises Gravity of Offence Committed by Accused: Des

After thundering yesterday in the first part of his closing speech for the prosecution against the activities of those who by spreading lies about the Jews being disloyal to the State had instigated the anti-Jewish out treak in the Campbell quarter of Salonica last July, the Public Prosecutor in the concluding part of his speech to-day proceeded to minimise the gravity of the offence with which the accused are charged, and though he designated two of them, ## Bico Fardis, the editor-in-chief of the “#akedenia”, and M. Haritopoulos, the Secretary of the National Hellenic Union, as the moral authors of the pogrom, he only asked for four months’ imprisonment for them, and suggested the acquittal of six others, including M. Cosmidis, the President of the National Hellenic Union.

In the case of the remaining three of the eleven accused, standing their trial, Boussolidis, Velissaridis and Abadjidis, who have been found responsible for the incendiarism which destroyed the Campbell quarter, the Public Prosecutor also minimised the seriousness of what they had done.

The Counsel for the Defence, M. #ahos, has now opened his speech for the Defence.