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Principle of Democratic Equality of Citizens Exists in Czechoslovakian Only on Paper Says Jewish Org

The “Rozwoj”, the organ of the Czech Jews, commenting on a statement made recently in the “Slovenska Politika”, the organ of the Slovak Clerical Party, to the effect that no more Jews are to be given appointments in Government service in Slovakia, says that this is not at all surprising, because quietly and unobtrusively the same thing is being done not only in Slovakia, but also in Bohemia and Moravia. This is so in practically all official departments, it says. The principle of democratic equality of all citizens exists in Czecho-Slovakia only on paper. A Jew, however well qualified he is, encounters the utmost difficulty in obtaining an appointment as a professor in a secondary school. At the Universities there is no chance at all of any Jew obtaining a professorial appointment, and it is practically impossible for a Jew to become even a Lecturer at a University. We know of a case where a University student who obtained distinction at every examination in his secondary school and at the university and whose doctorate dissertation is a scientific work that will last, has been refused an appointment, because he is of Jewish origin.