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Prussian Government Takes Hand in Effort to Protect Dr. Weiss from Attack

The Prussian government took a hand today to protect Dr. Bernhard Weiss, the Jewish vice-president of the Berlin Police Department, against the continuous libelous attacks of the Nazis.

The attack against Dr. Weiss culminated in scurrilous scenes yesterday in the Prussian Diet, when the Nazi Deputies, misusing their immunity privileges, and speaking from the Diet paltform, accused the wife of Dr. Weiss of immoral relations with a Jewish shoe manufacturer, Krojanck, reputed to be Dr. Weiss’s friend.

The Prussian Minister of Interior, Carl Severing, immediately thereafter despatched a letter to Dr. Weiss expressing his regret that the immunity of the deputies prevents any action against the Nazis.

Minister Severing branded the Nazi campaign, which, he said, has reached a stage where the Nazis ridicule themselves.

The liberal press is indignant because the Nazis have dragged in Dr. Weiss’s wife.

The “Acht Uhr Abendblatt” is organizing a special body called “The Front of Decent People to Combat the Nazi Libel Against Weiss.”

The Nazi fraction has introduced a project in the Diet calling for the purging of Jewish judges from all Berlin courts.