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Fear New Serious Attacks with Jews As Principal Victims if Death Sentence Carried out

understand why I refused to enter a von Papen government. Herr von Papen, your bloody objectivity does not exist for me.

“I am not suited to become the executioner of patriotic fighters for freedom. The verdict was a stupid provocation.

“If they think I will vouch for this they are badly mistaken. Heaven may send us torture upon torture, but our movement will be able to finish this guillotine government.

“Herr von Papen has entered his name into German history with the blood of patriotic fighters. Penalties will not be able to cope with the crop of this deed.”

The Nazi chieftain also addressed a personal message to the condemned Nazis declaring:

“My comrades: In view of the monstrous and gory sentence that has been passed upon you, I feel that I am linked to you in unbounded loyalty. From this moment on your freedom is a question of our honor, and a struggle against the government under which this has come to pass is our duty.”

The decree which imposed death sentences upon the Nazis became effective just two hours before the five Nazis murdered a Communist workman, Konrad Pietrzuch, in bed at Potempa, near Buethen.