Butchers Group in Conflict with Kashruth Association
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Butchers Group in Conflict with Kashruth Association

The Master Kosher Butchers Association, Inc. of New York, have issued a manifesto explaining their refusal to join the Kashruth Association of Greater New York and to submit to the latter’s supervision.

The manifesto explains that the Master Kosher Butcher’s Association is opposed to “taxation without representation”. The Kashruth Association states that it has refused to make concessions requested before the Master Butchers will consent to join it. Its demand was for representation in the Committee which is dealing with the matter of its business.

The manifesto points out that if the Kashruth Association has its way, it would require its members to sign a contract for an indefinite period to purchase its products from dealers it would name. Membership would also obligate the butchers to follow all the rules of the Association under penalty of having the Association insignia denoting kashruth withdrawn at a day’s notice.

The manifesto asserts that the kashruth insignia would be withdrawn not because the butchers sell non-kosher products but simply because they are unwilling to pay the prices designated by the association.