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Relativity Simplified by School Friend of Prof. Albert Einstein

Max Talmey, a friend of Albert Einstein’s during his school years, has just published a book to which Professor Einstein has given special commendation because of the lucid manner in which the author presents the theory of Relativity in a way to make it understandable even to readers not in a position to make use of higher mathematics.

Max Talmey reveals that a certain reference in a biography of Einstein in which it is said that “each Thursday his parents invited a poor student for dinner” and that “to this student Albert was indebted for a knowledge of a popular book on natural science,” really refers to himself.

Among other interesting sidelights, the author tells that although Albert was eleven years younger than himself, a close friendship soon developed between them due to the young boy’s exceptional intelligence and his ability to discuss with a college graduate subjects far above the comprehension of children of his age.