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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor of the Jewish Daily Bulletin:

Referring to the item appearing in your issue of May 22d, concerning the German U-Boat film “Morgenrot” now being exhibited at the Little Carnegie Playhouse in this city, may I call your attention to the following facts, which I am sure your readers will find of interest:

The reported discussion of “Morgenrot” in the British House of Commons was on the subject of an episode concerning disguised schooners employed by the British Navy to “embarrass” the German submarines. Sir John Simon exonerated the producers of the film by admitting that, however unchivalrous the action depicted may appear, it is historically correct.

The picture was made before the advent of the Hitler regime and is being exhibited at the Little Carnegie Playhouse in accordance with a contract made more than a year ago.

“Morgenrot” has been acclaimed a powerful anti-war document. In Germany, the film can only be shown with an additional episode intended to make its more palatable to the existing regime, otherwise it is “verboten”.

John S. Cohen, Jr. of the “Sun” describes “Morgenrot” as “immensely touching and done with tragic sincerity… makes one realize the tragic futility of war.” Wm. Boehnel of the World-Telegram calls it “a bitter and forceful document against war.”

Leo Brecher.