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The committee on resolutions has been assigned the task of considering and reporting the form of the resolution favoring a boycott of German-manufactured goods which is to be presented to the American Federation of Labor at its convention now in session here. A resolution favoring a boycott has been recommended to the Federation by its executive committee. Matthew Woll, third vice-president of the American Federation of Labor, is chairman of this committee on resolutions. The other members are: Victor A. Olander, George W. Perkins, A. A. Myrup, J. A. Franklin, John L. Lewis, Thomas L. Hughes, John Possehl, P. J. Morrin, John Frey, J. L. Wies, Chas. P. Howard, Clarence E. Swick, W. L. Colleran, W. V. Price, J. C. Lewis, and Harvey Fremming.

Of all the committees named to consider the boycott resolution, this one is considered the most important, since it is the committee which formulates the Federation’s policies on such vital domestic matters as the National Recovery Act, unemployment and legislation.