Jaffa Port Booming, Gov’t Buys Warehouse
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Jaffa Port Booming, Gov’t Buys Warehouse

The decision of the municipality of Jaffa to sell its warehouse in the port area to the government for the sum of £18,000 is prompted by the continued congestion of the port here. Remedial measures are being carried out.

The sum realized from the sale of the warehouse to the government will be used to construct new highways and widen the present Port road. The government has allotted £100,000 of the Palestine loan to improve the port.

The speedy development of Tel Aviv has increased traffic at the port considerably. The latest improvements under consideration are a road from the port to the Tel Aviv business center and another quay at the junction of the river Yarkon and the sea for unloading timber and building materials. It is reported here that unless immediate relief of the Jaffa port is undertaken, orange shipments will be hard hit.

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