Greek Paper Incites Anti-jewish Violence
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Greek Paper Incites Anti-jewish Violence

An exhortation to physical violence against the Jews appeared in the anti-Semitic publication, Makedonia, here yesterday in connection with a distorted report of an incident that occurred here earlier this week.

The Makedonia made use of the wounding of Iacov Vranlas, a nationalist, in an argument with a Jew, Albert Ergas, for an inflammatory headline, “The Jews Are Murdering Us!” Under this banner-line, it gave a version of the incident calculated to arouse violent feelings toward the Jews of this community.

What had happened was that Vranlas and Ergas had engaged in a discussion over anti-Semitic arguments that Vranlas was repeating, and Vranlas knocked Ergas unconscious. A son of Ergas, after his father had been injured, gave chase to Vranlas and stabbed him with a pocket-knife. He then went to the police and reported the incident.

According to Makedonia, however, Vranlas had been wounded without having given any provocation. The paper’s report has created a really alarming situation for the Jews and the Governor-General has ordered the authorities to take urgent measures to safeguard the peace.