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Histadruth, Elects New Council; Well-known Laborites Are Chosen

A new executive council of the Histadruth Havodim, General Jewish Federation of Labor in Palestine, was elected at a meeting of its general council here. The nominees proposed by the Palestine Labor Party were accepted en block. They comprise a list of labor party and Hashomer Hatzoir members.

The new executive council consists of Joseph Aaronowitz, Moshe Beilinson, David Ben-Gurion, Eliahu Golomb, Dov Hos, Jacob Hazan, Meir Yaari, Israel Mereminski, Ada Fishman, Eliezer Kaplan, Salman Rubashow, David Remez, Joseph Sprinzak, and B. Katzenelson, editor of Davar.

Other laborites were chosen for the economic council, the central auditing commission, and the wage-scale commission.

Figures published here show that there are new 20,000 female members, either hired labor or rural hands or working mothers, federated in the workingwomen’s council of the Histadruth.