Comedy, Tragedy on Parade Before Court of Arbitration
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Comedy, Tragedy on Parade Before Court of Arbitration

“Forsake me not in my old age.”

The case of Benjamin Wolf vs. Celia Rabinowitz, father and daughter. Setting, the Jewish Court of Arbitration at its fortnightly session at the Hotel Broztell. Presiding judges: Herman Mantel, rabbi; A. G. Geleich, lawyer, and Joseph Sugerman, layman. The small room was crowded with neighbors and friends. They wore expressions of avid curiosity.

The judges sat around a table covered with chequered red cloth. They included the bearded rabbi, the scrupulous lawyer, the earnest layman. Their services were free, the tongue of exchange is Yiddish and the proceedings have and air of homely informality.

Mrs. Rabinowitz was asked to sign a contract binding her to the judge’s decision. Her father willingly acceded. His daughter protested that first she wished to be assured that the verdict would be “continue page 10”