Cripps, Youthful Labor M.p., Will Attend Dollfuss ‘trial’
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Cripps, Youthful Labor M.p., Will Attend Dollfuss ‘trial’

Sir Stafford Cripps, youthful whip of the Labor Party in the English Parliament, now on a short visit to this country to argue a special case before the United States Supreme Court, has announced that he will make a hurried airplane flight from Washington to this city on Sunday evening in order personally to be present at the “trial” of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss of Austria at Town Hall. Sir Stafford, former Solicitor General of England in the Labor Government, will be one of the chief witnesses in the indictment of Chanceller Dollfuss for the “murder” of the Austrian Socialists in the recent uprising.

Following the “trial” the Young Circle League of the Workmen’s Circle under whose auspices it is being conducted, announced that it will burn an effigy of Dollfuss.

The other “accusers” of Dollfuss at the Town Hall meeting will include Dr. Max Winter, former vice-mayor of Austria, now on a relief mission to this country for the victims of the Austrian revolt; Norman Thomas, Socialist leader; Dr. Horace Kallen, secretary of the International Committee for Academic Freedom; B. C. Vladeck, general manager of the Jewish Daily Forward; Joseph Baskin, general secretary of the Workmen’s Circle, and Elias Lieberman, labor lawyer.

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