Bulletin Calendar of Events

Saturday, May 19

No More War Parade. Speakers, Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Dr. John Haynes Holmes, Frank Olmstead, John Lathrop Howland. Starts 55 Washington Square South; 2 p.m.

Young America Institute, lecture: Irma Kraft, “What Contributions Have the Jewish Writers Made to Literature?”; Chalif’s, 163 West Fifty-seventh street; 8:30 p.m.

Association of the Cast of the Romance of a People, installation of officers. Grand Plaza, 821 East 160th street, Bronx; 9. p.m.

Talk of the Town Club, dramatic recital by Jane Manners, Leon Kairoff, Edith Angold. Studio 61, Carnegie Hall, Seventh avenue and Fifty-sixth street; 8 p.m.

Brooklyn Auxiliary of the Pride of Judaea Children’s Home, annual dance; Menora Masonic Temple, Fiftieth street and Fourteenth avenue, Brooklyn; evening.

Broadcast, Isidore Feinstein, Irene Kuhn, joint discussion: “Slaves of the Swastika”; Station WEVD; 8 p.m.

Sunday, May 20

Free Synagogue; sermon: Dr. Stephen S. Wise, “Young Israel and the Undying Jew;” Carnegie Hall, Seventh avenue and Fifty-seventh street; 10:30 a.m.

Society for the Advancement of Literature and Art, lecture; Professor M. E. Kriegel, “Hitler and Hell;” 88 South Sheridan Square; 9 p.m.

West Side Junior Hadassah, dance; Hotel Greystone, Broadway and Ninety-first street; 9 p.m.