Rumor Hindenburg Critically Ill
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Rumor Hindenburg Critically Ill

Among the rumors that gained wide circulation and some credence here last night were rumors that the aged President von Hindenburg was critically ill at his Neudeck estate and that Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Reichsbank head and virtual financial dictator of Germany, was dead.

Hindenburg, however, was seen today several times by his neighbors, walking on the grounds surrounding his home.

Nevertheless, the health of von Hindenburg is causing great anxiety. In well-informed circles it is reported that the aged President has drawn up a political testament in which he names von Papen as his successor in the event of his death.

Hitler, it is reliably reported, intends to propose as successor to Hindenburg, General von Epp, war hero and Nazi stadtholder for Bavaria.

The C. V. Zeitung, organ of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, has come under the official ban but the union has not been informed as to whether this applies merely to the one issue in which the article comparing the Jews of Germany today and Germany at the Versailles conference, appeared, or is a general ban on all issues. The article drew a heavy attack from Der Angriff.