Mcduffie Visions Collapse of Reich
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Mcduffie Visions Collapse of Reich

Unless Germany manages to put its house in order it will destroy itself, Congressman John McDuffie of Alabama predicted in an interview here.

He added that “while we too have problems, they are wholly economic. It is horrible, for us, to think of persecution because of racial and religious prejudices.”

Congressman Duffie declared that “the whole situation is regrettable, not only for Germany but for the rest of the world. The things going on over there may lead to very serious far-reaching trouble.

“I was in Germany in 1931,” he said. “The thing I noticed most was that everybody looked so unhappy. Even at that time, some were predicting revolution. The country is divided into factions. One thought it was right. Another felt the world unduly harsh. Others seemed absolutely hopeless.

“They struck me as a people adrift without a chart, without a compass and without hope for the future. Such a psychology eventually leads to oppression, miscarriage of justice and revolution.”