Rosalsky Upholds Shochtim; Rabbis to Supervise Markets
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Rosalsky Upholds Shochtim; Rabbis to Supervise Markets

Strict rabbinical supervision of poultry markets, a minimum wage and maximum production for shochtim and the establishment of the Kashruth Association as the official supervisor of the markets were provided for in the long-awaited decision of Judge Otto Rosalsky, the Mayor’s mediator in the poultry markets difficulties, handed down yesterday in a meeting of representatives of the various factions at the Hotel Commodore.

The wholesalers, who long opposed such a decision, indicated that they will seek to employ nonunion shochtim.

The following is the text of the decision as read by Judge Rosalsky:

“Having been appointed mediator by the Mayor, Fiorello H. La-Guardia, to settle the controversies between the poultry slaughter-houses and the shochtim of the City of New York, I render the following decision:

“1. That the shochtim shall not