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Black on White

these elements and is ready to combat them.”


Its reference to the “occult manner” in which Jews engage in their “nefarious action” is a relapse to the exploded Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Meeting in Switzerland, where those protocols were recently demonstrated as a monumental fake, the Fascist conference nevertheless dragged in the “occult,” wonder-working powers of the Jewish “state within a state.”

It is a tell-tale word, this “occult,” and gives the clue to the mentality of those who framed the entire resolution. They were seeing ghosts. They were trembling before the creatures of their own distorted minds and tangled nerves.

For the rest, it is a succinct statement of the Fascists’ anti-Semitic “case.” Instead of nebulous charges, we have a summarized accusation. To that extent the grotesque congress of the national prophets of international hate has served a historical purpose.