Starr is Dubious About His Fortune
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Starr is Dubious About His Fortune

spell that, so he arbitrarily made them Starrs.

This made things difficult for the Koslack lawyers who hunted all over the country for Staralaletskys when they could have been found right under their noses in New York, albeit with abbreviated names.

Mrs. Fannie Starr left six children, five of whom remained in Montreal. Abraham came to New York to seek his fortune. He married here and is fairly happy with his iron shop and family.

If and when that money is found, Abe stands to get a cool six million. But that “if” looked very big and imposing to him Friday after the first gulp at the size of the figure had passed.

Capetown dispatches said the whole story was as much a surprise to that town as it is to Starr.

So, Abe told a reporter not too subtly, if the people from the papers would kindly go bother somebody else, maybe he could get his work done and make a living for himself and his family.