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Jabotinsky Denies Revisionists Seek to Switch Palestine Mandate to Italy

Reports published in the United States and other countries that the right-wing New Zionist Organization is seeking an Italian mandate for Palestine were emphatically denied today by Vladimir Jabotinsky, head of the organization, in a statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Commenting on a report from Rome by Louis Fischer in The Nation, which also appeared in the New Statesman, stating that Italian authorities had given concrete encouragement to the right-wing Zionists in seeking an Italian mandate, Mr. Jabotinsky said:

“Anybody asserting that Revisionism (right-wing Zionism) or the New Zionist Organization favors the transfer of the Palestine mandate from Great Britain to any other power is a liar.

“Secondly, anybody who asserts that Revisionism holds Fascist views is equally either a liar or an ignoramus.”