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Palestine Groups Ask United Front with Revisionists and Agudah

Seven Jewish organizations today urged uncompromising defense of Zionism and mobilization of world Jewry to save the Jewish National Home, in a cable to the World Zionist Organization Actions Committee in Zurich.

“Any compromise now,” the cable said, “means catastrophe in the future.”

The message asked that the Revisionists, right wing Zionists who bolted the World Zionist Organization in 1933, be invited to return, and called upon the Actions Committee to secure adherence to the united front of the Agudath Israel, non-Zionist extreme orthodox group.

The seven signatories are the General Zionist Federation, the Mizrachi, orthodox Zionists; the Jewish State Party, moderate right wing Zionist group within the World Zionist Organization; the Bnei Binyamin, the Artisans Federation, the Landlords Union and the Federation of Yemenite Jews.