Government Help Asked As Biro-bidjan Building Program Lags
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Government Help Asked As Biro-bidjan Building Program Lags

A lag in the building program for the autonomous Jewish territory of Biro-Bidjan has prompted the Comzet, Government commission for settling Jews on land, to address an urgent request to the Commissar of Agriculture for measures to carry out the Government’s plans, it was disclosed today.

The Comzet, at a meeting yesterday, adopted a resolution to inform the Commissar of Agriculture of the situation. Boris Trotsky, acting president of the body, said that only 138 houses were being built of a planned 900 and only 12 completed to date.

The newspaper Stern in Kharkow published an article by the Jewish writer, M. Chachevatzki, who stated after a visit to the region that bad management was forcing many of this year’s settlers to leave the territory because of inadequate housing accomodations.

The settlers came to work in Biro-Bidjan’s newly-constructed factories, he wrote, and found the houses not ready for occupancy.