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See Wide Effects of Move to Oust Jews from Rumanian Professions

Concern was expressed in Jewish circles today over a resolution for elimination of Jews and members of national minorities from professions adopted by a conference of the Federation of Rumanian Free Professional Associations.

While the resolution adopted was of a general nature its consequence was expected to be far-reaching because the federation is an influential body and can execute the part of its program concerning Jews and members of minorities in an arbitrary manner.

The conference empowered the federation’s council to carry out the program, which calls for revision of post-war naturalizations and nationalizing of capital invested in Rumania, as well as the application of the “ethnic principle” to professions.

Establishment of a special bureau to guide and help “pure-blooded Rumanians” in the professions was also decided upon at the conference.

University professors, teachers, physicians, architects and chemists are among the professionals represented in the federation.