Seek to Bring Freud, Neumann to Palestine
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Seek to Bring Freud, Neumann to Palestine

The Palestine section of the Jewish Physicians’ Association today asked the Jewish Agency for Palestine to permit Prof. Sigmund Freud, the noted psychologist, and Dr. Heinrich Neumann, ear specialist, to emigrate to the Holy Land from Austria. Dr. Neumann is under arrest in Vienna.

The Hitachduth Olei Austria (association of immigrants from Austria) urged the Jewish Agency to seek additional immigration certificates for Jews forced to emigrate from Austria.

Miss Henrietta Szold, director of the immigration of Jewish youths from Germany (Youth Aliyah), said it was possible that this immigration, now 500 annually, would be doubled to bring in Austrian Jewish youths, since places were available in educational institutions and there were sufficient students’ entry certificates under the new immigration quota. She said, however, that it was necessary to organize this immigration.

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