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Reich Foreign Trade Shows Deficit in April

Germany’s foreign trade balance showed a deficit in April, according to figures released today in which Austria no longer figures as a foreign country. In March the balance was favorable but April showed an import excess of 20,000,000 Marks. (The Mark is nominally worth 40 cents.) Imports for “Greater Germany totalled 477,000,000 Marks and exports 451,000,000 Marks.

Imports for Germany without Austria were 429,000,000 Marks, or 26,000,000 Marks less than in the month of March. The drop was mainly in industrial products. Import of grains increased, however, by 5,500,000 Marks. Exports of Germany without Austria to other countries (excluding Austria) totalled 422,000,000 Marks in contrast to 466,000,000 Marks in March. Export of finished products dropped 34,000,000 Marks.