Evian Resolution Approval Seen Certain; Minor Changes Sought
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Evian Resolution Approval Seen Certain; Minor Changes Sought

A resolution drafted by Britain, France and the United States, setting up a permanent refugee-aid organization in London and opening the way to negotiations with Germany on emigration, appeared certain today of approval at the final plenary session of the 32-nation refugee conference on Friday as conferences went on between the major powers and the delegations of the smaller countries.

Minor changes were demanded by certain Latin American countries, which feared especially sharing the administrative expenses of the refugee plan. On the whole, however, all delegates agree that the conference should continue as a permanent body in London, and also that an American director should be appointed.

This director, it is agreed, should start negotiations with Germany, approach the various governments on immigration possibilities and regulate the present chaotic exodus into an orderly emigration. The problem of supplying stranded refugees with internationally recognized documents, as well as residential and labor permits, will apparently be dealt with in cooperation with the League of Nations High Commission for German Refugees.

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