“aryan” Servants Quit Posts in Vienna Jews’ Homes
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“aryan” Servants Quit Posts in Vienna Jews’ Homes

Thousands of “Aryan” servants in Vienna Jewish households were reported by the daily telegraph today to have left their jobs in compliance with the Nuremberg laws, which went into effect in their entirety in Austria today.

Each servant left with a bonus amounting to from one month to six weeks in salary, which their employers were required by the Nazi authorities to give. Many were distressed at having to leave Vienna to return to country homes. Others who had managed to save money found husbands, accounting for the record total of 120 marriages performed Saturday at the Vienna city hall.

Joseph Buerckel, Nazi Commissar for Austria, was reported to have issued instructions to all State and party officials to adhere strictly to the Nuremberg laws, under which Jews are reduced to second-class citizenship, are forbidden to marry “Aryans” and to employ “Aryan” servants under 45.

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