2 More Jews Slain; Arab Toll 120 in 2 Days’ Fighting
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2 More Jews Slain; Arab Toll 120 in 2 Days’ Fighting

British troops today inflicted 50 casualties on an Arab band attacking the Naharia colony after it had slain two Jewish truck-drivers in an ambuscade. The Arab toll in two days of clashes with Government forces totalled 120.

The ambuscade occurred near Zib village on Palestine’s northern coast, where the band halted three trucks with a road barricade. the Arabs destroyed two trucks, killing driver Zalman Schwartz, 18, who was born in Tel Aviv, and a driver known as Samuel, 23, an immigrant from Germany. a driver’s assistant, Zvi Birenzweig, was wounded, and another, Samuel Steinkin, 35, an immigrant from Poland, was missing.

The Arabs then moved to Nahaia and subjected the colony to an hour’s attack. Troops and warplanes which were rushed to the scene engaged the attackers, inflicting the 50 casualties.

Three armed Arabs yesterday invaded the Government sub-district offices on Suleiman Road in Jerusalem, set fire to files and escaped.