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World Jews Total 16,630,000; Decline Seen in Rate of Increase

Co-operative movement, a Jewish monthly publishes an article by Menachem Linder, a member of the Jewish Scientific Institute (Yivo), in which he gives the number of all the Jews in the world at the end of 1937 as amounting to 16,630,000, an increase of 320,000 as compared with 1935. this 10 per cent increase, Mr. Linder states, shows a decline in the natural increase in the Jewish population, but, compared with other European peoples, is still so large that the Jewish people, in Eastern European countries in particular, prove to be one of the most prolific peoples in Europe.

An interesting fact is that while 50 or 60 years ago the majority of the Jews lived in Europe (about 99 per cent in 1880), only 60.5 per cent of all the Jews in the world live in Europe today. In America, there are already one-third of all the Jews of the world, and more than 5 per cent of all the Jews in the world already live in pales tine.

The largest Jewish population in any single country is that of the United States of America, where there are more than four and a half million Jews. The second place is occupied by Poland with three and a quarter million Jews. Next comes the Soviet Union with three million Jews and Rumania with more than one million Jews.