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100 Refugees in Albania in Danger of Being Turned over to Gestapo

Although not a single outspoken anti-Semite is included among the members of the new Albanian puppet Government set up by Italy, the position of the small Jewish community in Albania is not enviable, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was told today by a prominent representative of the former regime. The Italian anti-Jewish laws will doubtlessly be introduced in Albania, he said, affecting a few native Jewish merchant families who are outnumbered by Austrian and German refugees.

About 100 Jewish refugees living in Durazzo were said to face the danger of being handed over by the Italian police to the Gestapo since the former are anxious to comply with a request that all political suspects be returned to Germany. Most of these refugees had been allowed to disembark at Durazzo and to stay pending their re-emigration by special order of King Zog, who showed interest and sympathy in their plight.