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Found No Anti-semitism in Midwest, W.l. White Writes in N.Y. Post Column

No evidences of anti-Semitism were found in the course of a 2,000-mile tour of the Midwest, W.L. White declared today in a New York Post column written from Emporia. Kansas

Mr. White, who is the son of William Allen White, the noted editor, compared New York “liberals” who speak of rising anti-Jewish feeling in America to a “man who, in a crowded theatre, rises to scream that all are in imminent peril.”

“I haven’t said there is no anti-Semitism in this country,” the writer declared “I didn’t canvass the Racquet Club and can’t honestly report on the Deep South or the West Coast But if there were a rising tide some of it would be tricking down the upper Mississippi basis a few drops would have spotted the high plains, and I found none. Maybe they heard my motor roaring over the hill and had their anti-Semitism rolled up and stuck away behind the stove.”