More Czech Jews Moved to ‘reservation’
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More Czech Jews Moved to ‘reservation’

A Prague dispatch to the New York Times reported today that a second group of 600 Jews has been sent by the Nazi authorities from Maehrisch-Ostrau (Moravska-Ostrava) to the projected Jewish “reservation” in Poland. The dispatch added that Jewish women called up for transportation last Wednesday were still awaiting their deportation.

Brutal treatment of Jews in Nazi Poland is cited in a Paris dispatch to the Times which quotes observations of a foreign diplomat who left Warsaw a week ago. The diplomat, reporting eviction of Jews from their homes on three hours’ notice with only two suitcases permitted them, said that any who dared complain were told by German officials: “There is plenty of room in the Vistula.”

Efforts of the Nazis to win the Polish population’s favor through anti-Semitic measures, the envoy said, would not succeed. He added that common suffering during the siege of Warsaw and under the German occupation had wiped out racial antagonism and the Poles were showing great sympathy for Jews.

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