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New Form of Minority Status for Jews Seen Needed in Restored Poland

A new form of minority status for the Jews will be required in post-war Poland, it is stated by Dr. Szymon Wolf in an article in Free Europe, organ on Central and East European affairs.

“Even in a most liberal and democratic post-war Poland there will still be a Jewish problem which can be solved only by the collaboration of both parties,” the article says. “In the future Poland, which will be large and therefore inhabited by many nationalities, the rights of the Polish Jews will be recognized.

“On the basis of general freedom it may be possible to evolve some new form of minority status for the Jews which will not be imposed from outside. There will still have to be emigration, not to Lublin or Biro-Bidjan, but to Palestine, where the Jews are eager to go. It will be up to Britain to find new and better possibilities for this emigration which was artificially curtailed in recent years.

“Another problem is the uneven distribution of the Jewish population among the various trades and professions. As a result there was a congestion of Jews in certain sections of the life of the country. This will have to be remedied for the benefit of the community as a whole and not only of the Jews.”