Yugoslavia Launches Anti-semitic Program with 2 Decrees
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Yugoslavia Launches Anti-semitic Program with 2 Decrees

In the first two of an expected series of anti-Jewish measures, the Yugoslavian Government over the weekend barred Jews from the food trade and enacted a numerous clausus for Jews in middle and higher schools.

(The next measure is expected to be a decree aimed at curtailing “The share of Jewish capital in film production and the movie theater business” the German wireless reported in a Belgrade dispatch.)

Under the school law, promulgated yesterday, future registration of Jews is limited to the Jewish proportion in the population. Exceptions are allowed for children of war veterans and those with other services to the State. Foreign Jews are barred altogether from middle and higher schools.

The earlier decree empowered the Government to replace State commissioners in charge of food enterprises wholly or partly owned by Jews. Local authorities are to see that these enterprises are liquidated, with periods of grace not to exceed two months. Punishment up to two years’ imprisonment and 5,000 dinars fine is provided for violation, with internment and forced labor for repeated violation.