Reich Plans Special Emigrants’ Train to Lisbon
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Reich Plans Special Emigrants’ Train to Lisbon

A direct train from Germany to Lisbon carrying German Jews for emigration from Lisbon to overseas lands will be started in 1941, according to an announcement made by the German railway administration in Berlin.

This step will not represent any particular concession to the Jews. It is being undertaken by the Nazi administration as a measure to spur emigration of Jews from the Reich. Jewish organizations in Lisbon consider it, however, as a development which will greatly widen the scope of Jewish emigration activities.

At present the usual route for emigration from Germany to overseas countries is by airplane from Stuttgart to Lisbon with an overnight stop at Madrid. Another way is via the Far East which is, however, complicated since the emigrants have to pass Soviet Russia and Japan in transit and since, beginning this month, the Soviet authorities are refusing to accept German marks for transportation across the U.S.S.R., insisting on foreign currency.

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